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Being one of the oldest manufacturers of polyurethane foams in the country, along with being the oldest supplier of passenger seat cushions to The Indian Railways, Fire Retardant Cushions have been our core competence and also the central focus of our R&D. We have over the years worked tirelessly in the highly specialised field of polyurethanes to improve upon the fire safety features of cushions in addition to providing added comfort. 

In addition to FR Polyurethane Foam compliant with the stringent FST requirements of EN45545-2 HL3, we also manufacture Polyester Fiber Cushions and Silicone Foam cushions, both compliant with the FST requirements of EN45545-2. 

Thus, making FlexoFoam the only company in the country manufacturing all three varieties of cushioning materials. 


Our specialised manufacturing processes are supported by our in-house testing facilities. We have complete mechanical as well as fire testing laboratory that houses sophisticated equipments such as the Cone Calorimeter. 

To connect with us at INNOTRANS 2024 please leave a message here and we shall be in touch with you

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